Seafood Party Invitations

Bring forth a craw fish boil, oyster roast, clam bake, lobster bake, shrimp boil, or low country boil with seafood party invitations!

Seafood invitations are a social event in which the preparation and consumption of shellfish is the central theme. Seafood boils can be used to bring on a large festivity, a corporate event, a community affair, a holiday celebration, a wedding event, or a family annual tradition. A seafood boil is a great way to gather large groups of people in an outdoor setting while guests roll up their sleeves to savor the jewels of the ocean. There are many seafood boils, and each type is influenced by its region or origin. Craw fish boil invitations entice guests to enjoy the bountiful feast of Cajun style cooking and the cultural traditions of New Orleans. Oyster roast invitations are used to bring on a coastal feast where oysters are placed on a hot grill. Clambake invitations bring forth the tradition of baking clams in a deep pit of hot rocks thickly covered with seaweed. Send out lobster invitations and cook lobsters the traditional way on a bed of hot coals. Low country boil invitations bring out the best of coastal living! As they say, the bigger the crowd, the bigger the pot! Simply pour the ingredients onto newspapers for guests to enjoy! Invite guests to come crack crabs by sending out crab invitations to celebrate a birthday or an upcoming wedding. As you can see, seafood party invitations bring forth many themes. At Creations by Leslie, you will find a selection of seafood invitations to set the perfect tone!